Water & Sewer

Water and Sewer

Atlantic Electric, LLC specializes in complex water and sewer projects. Today’s water and sewer projects require experienced project managers and engineers to handle submittals and supplemental engineering. Our crews are experienced in controls, PVC coated conduit systems, ductbank systems, VFD cables and controls, PLC control systems, and instrumentation systems.  

Water Utility.

Sewer Repair

Current Projects:

Dewatering Process Equipment Upgrade, Felix C. Davis WWTP, Charleston, SC

April 2014 to April 2015, Subcontract Amount $868,565

This project is to replace two dewatering centrifuges with two owner supplied centrifuges and to construct a dewatered cake truck loading station.  The electrical scope is for installation of conduit and wiring; all electrical switchgear; all feeders and branch circuits; connection of power wiring to all devices; grounding; all terminations for electrical equipment; light fixtures; installation of Centrifuge Control Panels and Control Stations; furnish and install Conveyor Control Panel and Control Stations; installation of Bridge Crane Control Panel, conduit, wire and terminations; Temporary Power and Temporary Generator as required to maintain plant operations; installation of Owner furnished pad mounted transformer; provided, install, and terminate instrumentation conduit and wiring; install all instrumentation panels and devices; all required conduit and wire for entry gate operator; demolition of electrical systems; temporary power for construction field offices; temporary power for construction purposes; electrical duct bank systems including excavation and concrete. 

Red Top Regional Pump Station and Wastewater Interceptor Division 1, Charleston, SC

September 2013 to August 2014, Subcontract Amount $341,600

The purpose of this project is to install a new gravity interceptor sewer in the Red Top service area to allow for the consolidation of flows from existing pump stations and conveyance of these flows to the new regional pump station.  The pump station will consist of new pump station structure (wet and dry well), pumping equipment and piping, odor control system, standby emergency generator, electrical equipment and instrumentation.  The electrical work consists of the installation of conduit; all electrical gear, feeders and branch circuits; connection of power wiring to all devices; grounding; all terminations for electrical equipment; mounting of control panels at Dry Pit Submersible PS; terminating wires in control panels in Power House and Dry Pit Submersible PS; racks for electrical equipment; stands for instruments w/sunshields; fire alarm and lightning protection. 

Center Street Wastewater Treatment Plant (CSWWTP) – Capacity Enhancements, Mt. Pleasant, SC

October 2012 to July 2015, Subcontract Amount $3,477,000

Enhancements to the MPW Center Street Wastewater Treatment Plant (CSWWTP) to provide more reliable treatment at the rated capacity.  The project will also include construction of a new laboratory building to be constructed at the Rifle Range Road WWTP (RRRWWTP).  The electrical work requires installation of all lighting fixtures; all electrical distribution gear; all feeders and branch circuits; excavation & dewatering, concrete, backfill for electrical and communication ductbanks, manholes, and handholes; light pole bases and lighting; connection of power wiring to all devices; grounding and bonding; conduit and wire for instrumentation integrator; installation of fiber optic cable; lightning protection; demolition of existing electrical equipment and feeders; termination, hook-up, and assistance with testing and check-out of new emergency generator; relocation of existing AFD’s 7101 and 7102; modification to existing MCC-1; temporary lab hook-up at Rifle Range Road site; temporary power hook-up for clarifiers and RAS pumps; fire alarm system; seismic bracing; and all terminations to instruments and instrument control panels.

Forest Trails WWTP Replacement, Isle of Palms, SC

August 2013 to January 2015, Subcontract Amount $1,028,400

The project involves construction of new structures at the existing Wastewater Treatment Facility and incidental construction.  The electrical work includes installation of conduit; all electrical switchgear; ductbanks; all feeders and branch circuits; connection of power wiring to all devices; grounding; all terminations for electrical equipment; light fixtures; stands for instruments; mounting of control panels; lightning protection; and seismic anchorage. 


Recent Completed Projects

Pinewood Leachate Treatment System, Pinewood Hazardous Waste Site, Pinewood, SC

May 2012 to April 2013, Subcontract Amount $366,975

Improvement project for the construction of a new wastewater treatment system for treatment of leachate produced by the landfill cells at the Leachate Treatment System Pinewood Site.  Atlantic Electric is installing the complete electrical system including secondary service, motor control centers, and transformers; feeder system, in conduit; branch circuit panels for power and lighting; branch circuit wiring, in conduit, for lighting, receptacles, junction boxes and motors; hangers, anchors, sleeves, chases, supports for fixtures; lighting fixtures and lamps; wiring system, in conduit, for equipment and controls; motor starters and controls for motors; transient voltage surge suppressor; other items and services required to complete the systems. 

Ingleside Pump Station Expansion, North Charleston, SC

September 2010 to June 2011, Subcontract Amount $527,000


The work included replacement of existing three submersible sewage pumps with new Owner furnished 2000 gpm, 115 HP variable speed submersible sewage pumps, modifications to piping, controls, instruments and accessories.  The work also included removal of existing emergency generator, installation of a new 500 KW emergency generator in a weather proof enclosure, modification and extension of existing building to accommodate new motor control center (MCC), phased demolition of existing MCC and installation of new MCC with VFD controls, new conduits and wiring, new PLC based complete control system with hardware and control software and new paving around the pump station.


Hanahan WTP Phase 1 Filtration and Chemical Storage Improvements, Hanahan, SC

July 2008 to September 2010, Subcontract Amount $1,240,000

This $18.7 million dollar project involves the addition of four 6.0 mgd granular media filters and associated filter operating and pipe gallery, and the addition of approximately 400 feet of filtered water effluent piping.  Atlantic Electric, LLC installed the electrical, grounding and lightning protection for the project.  The electrical installation includes panelboards, circuit breakers, motor starters and control centers, transformers, disconnects, distribution panels, raceways, concrete ductbank and interior and exterior lighting. 

Hanahan Elevated Water Tank, Hanahan, SC

January 2009 to May 2010, Subcontract Amount $332,279

The project involves the Construction of a 1,500,000-gallon composite elevated water storage tank adjacent to the Hanahan WTP and demolition of an existing 200,000-gallon steel-legged elevated water storage tank.  Atlantic Electric, LLC was the electrical subcontractor for the installation of the electrical and process instrumentation systems

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