Airport Lighting Installation

Airfield Lighting    

Atlantic Electric, LLC specializes in all phases of airport lighting.  We have proven that we can work in the most challenging environments as a prime contractor or support a team effort in the construction of a new runway as a key subcontractor.  Our goal is to provide a high quality finished product for our customers so that Atlantic Electric, LLC is the first choice for the next airfield lighting project.   Our knowledgeable office staff has the experience to pursue a design-build airfield lighting project if the need arises.  We have constructed three design-build airfield lighting projects in the last ten years to the applicable UFC, NAVAIR and FAA standards.  The experience of our office and field personnel sets us apart from our competition.  Many of our electricians have more than 20 years of experience working on active airfields.

The following list includes some of what we have installed in the last few years: Taxiway Edge Lights, Runway Edge Lights, Runway Centerline Lights, Touchdown Zone Lights (TDZ), Threshold Lighting, Airfield Guidance Signs, Runway Distance Remaining Markers, Helipad Lighting, Regulators (4kW to 50kW),Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems (ALCMS), Junction Plazas, Beacons (with towers up to 80’ tall)  

Our recent experience with NAVAIDS includes the following:

Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), Approach lighting (ALSF-2, ALSF-1, MALSR, SALSR), Relocation of Glide Slope (GS) Shelters, Relocation of Localizer Antenna Arrays (LOC) Runway End Identification Lights (REIL), LIR Towers 


Some of our more specialized military projects have included the following:

Simulated Carrier Deck Lighting, Assault Landing Zone (ALZ) Lighting, Infrared Helipad Lighting (NVG) 


Current Projects 

Lighting Replacement and Modernization Phase 3&4, Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA

January 2018- Present, Subcontract amount – $12 Million+

Atlantic Electric has been awarded Phase 3 and 4 of the Oceana Lighting Replacement and Modernization project.  Work will include all airfield lighting for the 8000 LF 5L-23R runway and the 10,000 LF 14R-32L runway.  Atlantic Electric will install new airfield signs, edge lighting, centerline lighting (14R-32L only), one ALSF-1 sequence flashing system, four wave-off/OLS systems, four threshold light bars, and additional manholes, handholes and duct bank system.


Design-Build and Repair Airfield Lighting at Davidson Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, VA

November 2017- Present, Subcontract Amount $2 Million+

Design-Build replacement of airfield runway lighting to meet current airfield regulations and add new airfield lighting to existing helipad.  Work includes all new taxiway, runway threshold and helipad lights, PAPI’s and MALSR approach lighting.  Provide and install airfield series cable, PVC conduits, complete grounding and counterpoise system, HDPE pipes for directional boring, light base cans and snow plow rings.  Install new regulators in the vault building and add breakers as necessary to feed the new regulators.  Provide new fiber optic cable from ATCT to vault building for ALCMS if necessary.


Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia

Langley AFB Team completes Runway (RW) 8/26 Outage in April as scheduled. The work involved installing a Displaced Threshold for RW 08, also replaced the RW 08 (Bar of 49 Lights) Threshold. The RW 08 PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator), TW Lights, RW Edge Lights, Junction Plazas, and new Duct Bank system and wiring were replaced. While working on the outage, the Langley team dealt with poor weather. Congratulations to the Langley AFB Team for a job well done!


Repair Airfield Lighting, Andrews, AFB, Maryland

March 15, 2018, marks the start of another high visibility Atlantic Electric, LLC project replacing airfield lighting at Andrews AFB which is the home base of the U.S. Presidential Fleet of aircraft.  We look forward to completing this two-year project, working with B.L. Harbert Birmingham, AL, an international company, which includes the replacement of existing taxiways pavements, shoulders, drainage, signage, lighting systems, duct banks, paint and markings, re-alignment of taxiways, and temporary taxiways.  Our job site superintendent, Andrew and Project Manager Jon have already been informed that ramp freezes due to Presidential activities will impact the work schedule requiring many late nights and weekends to complete the project on time and budget.


New Airfield Lighting at Charleston AFB

Atlantic Electric, LLC recently expanded over 11,000 labor hours during the reconstruction of approximately 3,000 linear feet of Taxiway Delta at Charleston AFB.  Serving as a subcontractor to R C Construction of Greenwood, MS our job site crew provided all new airfield lighting, signage and pavement markings.   Phillip, job site superintendent, deserves extra credit for a job well done leading the project during many hours of night and weekend work.

Completed Jobs

Repair CAAF Airfield, Campbell Army Airfield, Ft. Campbell, KY

August 2016 to December 2017, Subcontract Amount $6 Million+

The project requires repair and refurbishing for two main runways, the taxiways, and 14 ramps of the airfield at Ft. Campbell, KY.  Atlantic Electric, LLC is providing electrical services to install the airfield lighting for the entire airfield.  The major elements of the airfield lighting are to replace and relocate the existing high-intensity runway edge lights and modify/relocate the taxiway lights on runway 05-23; replace the existing solar runway edge lights on runway 18-36 with a new high-intensity runway edge light system fed from a new airfield lighting vault; renovate the main electrical system and replace the regulators in the existing lighting vault; and electrical work in the new airfield lighting vault to support new regulators for the 18-36 runways.


Repair C17 Landing Zone, North Auxiliary Airfield, North, SC

April 2016 to April 2017, Subcontract Amount $1 Million+

Complete reconstruction of the approximately 3,500-foot-long Landing Zone located at North Auxiliary Air Field.  Atlantic Electric is installing the new airfield lighting and signage.  The electrical work includes installation of temporary airfield circuit jumpers as required; remove all airfield light fixtures, isolation transformers, approach lighting and wiring from light cans; install new ADB airfield lighting system; replace/upgrade control system in airfield lighting vault building, tower, etc.; provide and install two-piece L868C (15” cans) for all ALZ lights; excavation, trenching, backfill and compaction for the airfield lighting system installation; install complete grounding and counterpoise system; core drill for installation of light base cans; seal around flange rings; concrete placement and finishing for all light bases; install drains at light cans in paved shoulder and drains for junction can plazas; install new airfield signs including concrete pads; provide all precast manholes and handholes; provide and install all junction plazas and counterpoise wire and ground rods associated with the ductbanks; install blow strings and pull mandrels in all ductbanks.


Design Bid Build Repair Runway 14L – 32R Pavement & Lighting Replacement and Modernization of Airfield Lighting Phase 1 and 2, Virginia Beach, VA

Runway 14L-32R is now Open. (12/17/17)

Runway 5R-23L is now Open. (05/23/15)

September 2015 to May 2018, Subcontract Amount $34 Million

The Oceana project is a $63.7 million “Special Project” involving refurbishment and replacement of existing airfield pavements, lighting and vault buildings.  Runways 14 Left – 32 Right will be reconstructed entirely in Portland cement concrete, including re-grading and paving of runway shoulders and taxiways.  The existing airfield runway and taxiway electrical infrastructure will be demolished and replaced.  Five electrical vaults will be renovated, expanding one into a new superstructure and two additional vaults will be constructed.  Atlantic Electric, LLC is responsible for demolition of existing airfield fixtures, wiring, conduits, duct banks, manholes, handholes and electrical equipment; installation of new airfield lighting including complete grounding and counterpoise system; all new airfield signs, concrete sign foundations & pads; complete threshold light bar installation; SFL system; precast manholes & handholes and ductbank installation; directional boring; medium voltage gear, 15kV cable, terminations and cable tags; fireproofing in the manholes; new wave-off systems; fiber optic power and communications; fuel pit floodlighting and fuel pit (Explosion Proof) pushbutton stations; complete fiber optic cable system and complete new ALCMS system.  Vaults E-145, E-101 requires new CCR switchgear regulators; relocate existing ALSF master cabinets; provide new 200kW genset with sub-base fuel tank and concrete pad; catwalk; complete bollards and grounding system.  The medium voltage work at Vault 3036 will provide for a new pad mount switch that will be tied into the building.  Atlantic Electric, LLC will also provide one new CCR switchgear full size lifts and two small size lift that will be turned over to the government for the vaults.  Portions of Vault E-3015 will be renovated and will receive new CCR switchgear regulators; 150kW generator with sub-base fuel tank and concrete pad and a new grounding system.  Contact:  The Lane Construction Corporation, 901 Mitcher Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23460, Mr. Ryan Terry, Project Superintendent, (240) 882-8757.


Repair Runway 01/09, Dover AFB, DE

Runway 01/19 is now Open.

September 2014 to August 2017, Subcontract Amount $17 Million+

This Design-Bid-Build project consists of demolition and replacement of Runway 01/19, adjoining taxiways, airfield lighting, NAVAIDs, repair instrument landing system (ILS) and runway approach lighting. Atlantic Electric, LLC was contracted by Versar, Inc. to remove and replace all airfield lighting systems for the 9,600 LF runway. The airfield will remain active at all times during construction. The electrical work consists of demolition of all airfield light fixtures, isolation transformers, approach lighting and wiring from light cans; installation of new airfield lighting to include all drain conduits, runway centerline, touchdown zone and taxiway edge light cans; all grounding connections, counterpoise, ground rods, exothermic welding, etc.; install snow plow rings; concrete placement and finishing for all light bases, approach light bars, sign pads, wind cone foundations, etc.; re-installation of existing runway guard lights on new light bases; install airfield light fixtures; installation of 40 new signs and relocate or modify 26 existing signs; install complete threshold light and concrete approach lighting bars/foundations, all sequence flashing cabinets, junction boxes, wiring, and lights; provide and install all LIR/MG-20/MG-30 towers and foundations; install electrical ductbanks; provide 186 precast manholes and handholes; 4” PVC drain pipe; install the counterpoise wire and ground rods associated with the ductbanks; housekeeping pads; new medium voltage gear, 5kV Load Interrupter Switchgear, 150kVA 3-phase pad mount transformer, load break sectionalizing (junction) cabinets and switches, single phase pad mount transformers; concrete pads; approximately 93,000 LF of 15kV cable; all medium voltage cable terminations and connections; electronic NAVAIDs consisting of new PAPI units; relocation of Glide Slope equipment, Localizer equipment, and Far Field Monitor & Inner Marker antenna and equipment. Atlantic Electric will also provide and install new ADB switchgear regulators and monitors/interface cabinets in the airfield lighting vault including conduits for fiber optic cables, and provide ALCMS modifications for existing ADB airfield lighting control system including graphics changes as well as necessary circuits and modifications to existing circuits.


Rehabilitate Runway 18-36, Myrtle Beach, SC
July 2014 to May 2015, Subcontract Amount $1 Million+

The scope of this runway project involves rehabilitation of the bituminous and Portland cement concrete pavements on Runway 18-36 and taxiway connectors within the Runway Safety Area. Atlantic Electric is removing and replacing the runway and taxiway edge and center-line lights and replacing the runway edge lighting conduit and cable system. All work will be accomplished through nighttime airfield closures.


Simulated LHD Deck, MCAS Beaufort, SC
September 2013 to January 2016, Subcontract Amount $1 Million+

This project is for construction of a Simulated LHD Flight Deck (P-456) consisting of high temperature resistant concrete material and a new Landing Officer Safety Officer tower to support F-35 training and operational squadrons.  Also, construction of a simulated short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) LHD carrier-landing deck consisting of required foreign object debris zones, airfield lighting, and associated electrical upgrades.  The electrical work consists of demolition of existing airfield light fixtures and wiring; provide and install all taxiway lights, signs, conduit, grounding, etc. and all power, lighting, communications, etc. for a complete installation at tower; install control panel for deck lights; lightning protection system at tower; warning lights/signs; edge lighting conduits under concrete pavement; precast handholes and electrical ductbanks; two new approach light bars including ductbank to tie into existing approach light bars; communications cabling from existing building 1080 to new tower including 50 pair copper cable, 24 strand single mode fiber optic cable, splices, terminations, etc. for a complete communications system; medium voltage cable from existing 15kV transformer to new 75 kVA transformer complete including terminations and testing; medium voltage cable from transformer inside existing vault building 740 to existing pad mount transformer at sequence flashing master cabinet including terminations and testing; concrete sign foundations complete; provide directional boring of road crossings; all excavation, backfill and compaction for a complete underground electrical installation; temporary jumpers for airfield circuits as necessary; drain conduits at the bottom of each light can, including gravel bed; and cut asphalt shoulder to install conduit to new guidance signs.  

P-472 Airfield Security Upgrades, MCAS Beaufort, SC
August 2013 to December 2015, Subcontract Amount $5 Million+

The construction project is for airfield security upgrades to the flight lines to meet Level II restricted area requirements and to comply with Joint Air Force Army Navy (JFAN6/9) physical security standards for special access program facilities.  The electrical work is to provide and install all medium and low voltage electrical work including ductbank system, manholes, cable/wire, terminations, switchgear, etc.  Provide and install all communications for a complete raceway system; concrete poles and light fixtures; directional boring conduits; exposed rigid steel conduits as required.  Provide and install fiber optics; grounding of light poles and camera poles including lightning protection; generators, transfer switches and the housekeeping pads; walk-in switchgear MXS-1 with outdoor N3R enclosure; housekeeping pads for all sectionalizing cabinets and pad mount transformers; fireproofing of cables in manholes; grounding of turnstiles and vehicle gate motors. 


Repair Taxiway Kilo and Hot Cargo Pads, Joint Base Charleston Air Base, SC
October 2013 to December 2014, Subcontract Amount $600,000+

The project consists of the complete reconstruction of the hazardous cargo aprons with new Portland cement concrete pavement and asphalt pavement shoulders.  Incidental work includes but is not limited to new pavement markings, airfield lighting, underdrains and grassing.  The electrical work includes demolition of existing airfield light fixtures, transformers and cans; backfilling and compaction with suitable backfill materials prior to shoulder work by civil contractor; provide and install all taxiway lights, signs, conduit, grounding, etc. as shown on the contract drawings; install concrete sign pad foundations; provide and install junction plazas, concrete handholes, directional boring pipes across Taxiway Delta, new concrete encased ductbanks; core drilling of asphalt shoulder for all edge lights; all excavation, backfill and compaction for a complete underground electrical installation; provide temporary jumpers for airfield circuits as necessary per phasing plan; install drain fitting from bottom of each light can to the edge drain; remove and relocate existing light poles as shown; provide and install new brackets and fixtures where shown; install new concrete foundations for new and relocated light poles; remove and re-install strobe light on “frangible foundation”. 


Repair/Replacement of Runway 15/33 and Taxiway Hotel, Charleston AFB, SC
April 2012 to August 2013, Subcontract Amount $6 Million+

Remove and replace all airfield lighting systems for 9,000 LF runway including runway edge, centerline, touchdown zone, runway distance remaining markers, arresting gear markers, runway exit signs, taxiway guidance signs, runway guard lights, windsocks, runway end and threshold lights.  The ALSF-II was replaced on the 15 end which includes elevated fixtures, sequence flashing system and LIR towers.  The 33 end approach includes a MALSR with LIR towers.  Other NAVAIDS work included new PAPI’s on both ends, relocation of the Localizer Antenna Array, installation of a new MALSR/Localizer shelter and all associated wiring.  Multiple taxiway sections were also replaced at T/W Alpha, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, Juliet and Lima which resulted in approximately 250 new taxiway edge lights.  The underground distribution portion of this project included 70 manholes, 270,000 LF of PVC conduit, 330,000 LF of series airfield lighting cable, 30,000 LF of medium voltage cable and four pad mount transformers.  Miscellaneous concrete items included ten junction plazas, 56 sign pad foundations, PAPI housekeeping pads, Localizer Antenna Array foundation, MALSR shelter foundation, threshold bars and runway end light bars.  The airfield lighting vault work included adding several regulators which are powered by existing electrical panels. 


Repair and Replace Airfield Lighting at NAS JRB, New Orleans, LA
September 2009 to May 2011, Contract Amount $14 Million+

Atlantic Electric, LLC received an outstanding rating for this project!!!

This project was a design-build project for repair and replacement of airfield lighting on the two main runways, two main taxiways and connecting throats at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans.  The project included demolition, removal and replacement of existing runway and taxiway lights, guidance signs, transformers and pads, all new electrical conduits and circuits, main 5KV feed, control panels, threshold lights, wave off lights, PAPI and ALSF1 systems, handholds, vaults, helipad lighting system and windsocks.  The work also included improvements to runway surfaces including a new Portland cement concrete throat for the Louisiana Air National Guard, new arresting gear, improvements to the runway shoulders and surrounding drainage conditions and repairs to the existing storm sewer system. The work required coordination with air traffic control to keep one runway in operation at all times. This $15MM design build project was designed and constructed in 18 months.  Owner:  FEAD Public Works Department New Orleans NAVFAC SE, Building 552, NAS JRB 400 Russell Avenue, New Orleans, LA 


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