Industrial Electrical Contractors

Atlantic Electric, LLC has over 45 years’ experience as an Industrial electrical contractor in Charleston SC.  Industrial electrical projects require a skilled and trained workforce. Our employees are highly skilled craftspersons with a diversified range of abilities. We pride ourselves on our work safety, quality workmanship, and the ability to manage complex and challenging projects.

Home-Porting National Security Cutters (NSC), Coast Guard Facility Sector Charleston, Charleston, SC

September 2013 to July 2014, Subcontract Amount $2 Million+

This is a Design-build project to construct and renovate facilities required for home-porting the new National Security Cutters (NSCs) at US Coast Guard Facility Sector Charleston, Charleston, SC.  Atlantic Electric’s subcontract includes demolition of the electrical items; demolition and removal of all existing medium voltage cables at the pier; furnish and install electrical distribution for new shore power feeds; electrical in new electrical equipment structure; all under pier conduit, cable tray, and wire for new shore power mounds; telecommunications and fiber optic to new shore power mounds; new lighting and communications system in renovated portion of Building 681; relocate existing pole light B229 for new structure; reconfigure electrical lighting and power in existing equipment room as new storage; install service, distribution, lighting and receptacles for new parking lot storage building; remove and replace electrical distribution items for 1st floor of Building 681; furnish, modify and install new fire alarm system components in Building 681; and install Shore Power Mounds.


P1101 Aviation Fuel Storage and Distribution Facility, Joint Base Charleston, SC

November 2012 to April 2015, Subcontract Amount $1 Million+

Construction of a new aviation fuel storage and distribution facility (P-1101) and operations building for Charleston AFB, SC.  Atlantic Electric is installing the electrical and process control systems.  The electrical work includes installation of the primary electrical distribution, secondary electrical distribution and lighting; excavation, compaction and concrete for ductbanks, pole bases and exterior electrical equipment pads; pole line demolition; install, conduit connect and terminate, pump control panel & non fuel pipe mounted instrumentation; connect and terminate fuel dispensing equipment; install conduits with pull strings and electrically connect (power only); conduit for ATG, wiring and terminations; site lighting poles and fixtures; generator including fuel; grounding / fence grounding; lightning protection; fire alarm & mass notification; conduits, disconnects and power wiring only for gate controllers; installation of plant communications, conduits, boxes and cables; install conduit, handholes and fiber optic cable to bldg. 97.


Main Circuit Breaker-SFC Installation, Elberton, GA

February 2012 to October 2013, Contract Amount $9 Million+

This project is for replacement of the existing main unit circuit breakers (MCBs) for Units 1-8 with new Government-furnished SF6 15 kV MCBs, replacement of the existing static excitation systems for Units 5-8 with new Government-furnished static excitation systems, and complete installation of a new Government-furnished static frequency converter (SFC) system at the Richard B. Russell Powerhouse.  The work includes, removal of eight (8) main unit circuit breakers (MCBs), eight (8) disconnects, control equipment and enclosures; removal of control cables to the generator actuator cabinets and excitation cubicles in the generator bays and switchgear rooms and to the main control panels in the Powerhouse control room; partial removal of isolated-phase bus and supports; removal of the air compressor; removal of four (4) static excitation systems; installation of eight (8) Government-furnished ABB Type HGC3 SF6 circuit breakers, control cabinets and isolated-phase bus (IPB) and supports, including cable; installation of four (4) Government-furnished Cutler Hammer ES2100 digital static excitation systems; complete the installation of the Government-furnished ASI Robicon static frequency controller (SFC) system, input and output circuit breakers and transformers, two (2) current-limiting reactors, and isolated-phase bus; conduits; medium voltage cables and control cables and terminations; and the miscellaneous electrical accessories. Additional items include installation of eight (8) three-phase disconnect switches for the MCBs, installation of two (2) three-phase disconnect switches for in isolated-phase bus to the SFC current limiting reactors, and installation of four (4) vacuum circuit breakers.


Pinewood Leachate Treatment System, Pinewood Hazardous Waste Site, Pinewood, SC

May 2012 to April 2013, Subcontract Amount $300,000+

Improvement project for the construction of a new wastewater treatment system for treatment of leachate produced by the landfill cells at the Leachate Treatment System Pinewood Site.  Atlantic Electric is installing the complete electrical system including secondary service, motor control centers, and transformers; feeder system, in conduit; branch circuit panels for power and lighting; branch circuit wiring, in conduit, for lighting, receptacles, junction boxes and motors; hangers, anchors, sleeves, chases, supports for fixtures; lighting fixtures and lamps; wiring system, in conduit, for equipment and controls; motor starters and controls for motors; transient voltage surge suppressor; other items and services required to complete the systems.

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