Atlantic Electric, LLC has over 25 years’ experience in electrical systems on Draw Bridges. We engineer or provide supplemental engineering on every drawbridge project we install. We have experienced crews that have completed many projects. We also have developed partnerships with control system vendors, equipment suppliers, and general contractors that specialize in drawbridges. We have worked on virtually every operational roadway drawbridge in South Carolina and many in North Carolina.

Completed Projects

Standby Generator for Hanover #13, Wilmington, NC

November 2013 to October 2014, Contract Amount $500,000+

Installation of a new 300 KW diesel standby generator with 600A ATS and resistive load bank at the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.  The work includes new generator pad with grounding system and security fencing; service disconnect switch and circuit breaker; diesel generator, enclosure and fuel system; generator pad conduit, wiring, panelboard and transformer; and generator load bank.  Panatrol is re-doing the controls in the existing bridge control console in the control house.  The bridge power system modifications consist of removing, re-arranging and installing various switches, components and associated wiring in the control console; updating the PLC and graphics program; and testing.

Bridge #12 Over The Intercoastal Waterway on US-74/76, Wrightsville, NC

November 2011 to September 2013, Subcontract Amount $1 Million+

The structural and mechanical work consists of replacement of the steel grid floor and overlay of the concrete deck with latex modified concrete and concrete repairs to substructure; operator house addition and upgrades; replacement of the span drive motors, motor and machinery brakes, auxiliary span drives, center and tail locks, span opening limit switch drive systems; installation of new Hopkins frame bases; as well as rehabilitation of the existing air buffers; and maintaining span balance during construction. The electrical work consists of replacement of all existing electrical equipment, conduits, and wiring including bridge control system, auxiliary drive controls, span limit switches, electrical service with standby generator service system, traffic gates, lighting; as well as submarine cable and navigational lighting.

Wappoo Creek Mechanical Repairs, Charleston, SC

August 2011 to May 2012, Subcontract Amount $300,000+

The electrical work involved the adding touchscreen to bridge control system, removal and installation of heel locks and span locks, and new camera system on the Wappoo Creek Bridge.  The project also included repairs to Lady’s Island, Harbor River, and Ashley river bridges. The work included to check the wiring for lock bar operators including limit switches, remove wiring and lock electrical equipment near lock to allow for removal of the locks, re-install lock wiring and lock electrical equipment, and test the locks.

Cape Fear and Holmes Upgrades, Wilmington, NC

September 2011 to June 2012, Subcontract Amount $300,000+

Miscellaneous bascule bridge electrical work.  The various work involved replacement of existing bascule span navigation lights; terminate various concrete encased conduits and install new conduits; remove and replace existing span lock and auxiliary drive controls; replace wiring, conduits & boxes at the machinery decks and on the bascule spans; run new conduits from the wall mounted electrical equipment over to the machinery; install new lighting and receptacle circuits in the bascule piers; remove existing transformer and panelboard in NEMA 4X cabinet and install new panelboard; relocate reducers and install new rotary cam limit switches, and terminate the intercom.  New couplings, brake, terminal blocks, auxiliary drive control cabinet, terminal cabinets, junction boxes, switches, receptacles, circuit breakers, incandescent and halogen flood luminaires were also required.

Modification of Bridge No. 193 at MP 653.44 Crossing the Mobile River, near Hurricane, AL

June 2009 to January 2012, Subcontract Amount $2 Million+

Alteration of a single-track, four-span through truss and timber stringer CSXT Railroad Bridge.  The project consists of replacing the existing 320-foot center bearing swing span with a newly-designed 365-foot vertical lift span with a lift height of 50 feet, modification of fixed approach spans to fit the new lift span and upgraded substructure to handle the new loading conditions. The electrical work consisted of furnishing and installing the electrical operational equipment of the lift span and its auxiliaries, together with service lighting, provision for electric heating, and other electrical facilities.  The bridge control system included motors, motor and drive reactors, bridge brakes, limit switches, motor control equipment, control panels, panelboards, and other apparatus required to provide a complete functioning system.  The electrical system included new generator, transformer, LP tanks, fire alarm, CO monitor system, aerial cable system, navigation lights & air horn, electrical in the generator building, electrical service to the bridge from the utility transformer, temporary generator or power for start-up and testing of the lift span and electrical connection to electrical hoist in the bridge tenders house. All work had to be conducted so as not to interfere with the movement of trains or marine traffic.

New Bern Bridge, New Bern, NC

May 2007 to April 2010, Subcontract Amount $4 Million+

The project involved the replacement of the existing swing-span drawbridge over the Trent River with a new double-leaf bascule drawbridge structure to span the 200’ river channel. The project included construction of 1600’ of bridge approach span roadway. Atlantic Electric, LLC installed the drawbridge control system, CCTV, navigation lighting, intercom, emergency generator and fuel system, fire alarm, roadway lighting, traffic signal modifications, gas detection system, submarine cables, and interior electrical lighting and power for the control house.