Oceana Team completes RW 5R-23L

Congratulations to the Naval Air Station Oceana Team for an outstanding job! Team Oceana completed work on the 12,000 FT Runway (RW) 5R-23L on May 19th.  This airfield project included installing runway Edge lights, runway centerline lights, and two threshold light bars (30 lights per threshold).  Additionally, the airfield needed the installation of two Wave-Off/OLS systems, re-wiring two ALSF-1 Approach systems, and commissioning two electrical vaults with a constant current regulator (CCR) switchgear. A new airfield lighting control and monitoring system (ALCMS) and new standby generators were also placed to run the airfield lighting systems.  While working on 5R-23L, Team Oceana worked against multiple strict deadlines to complete work on time.  The team worked on numerous runway and taxiway intersections.