Norfolk Airport’s Main Runway

Virginia Paving Company has awarded Atlantic Electric, LLC a 4.6 million dollar subcontract for the centerline light repair at Norfolk Airport’s main runway.  The project requires Atlantic Electric to core drill out the centerline lights, drill helical piles under each base, install centerline ductbank system, and pour concrete around the light base during a five-hour… Continue Reading

CHOATE, Belle Hall project

Atlantic Electric, LLC was awarded the Belle Hall job with CHOATE, CHOATE is a premier general contractor in the Southeast. This project is a “design-build” project; with the exterior walls, elevator shaft and stairwells being pre-made. The electrical portion of construction includes parking lot lighting, incoming secondary, data cabling and primary conduits. Atlantic Electric, LLC… Continue Reading

Ferry Wharf Building

Freese Johnson has awarded Atlantic Electric, LLC the electrical work for the Ferry Wharf Building project. This five-story building is located in Mt, Pleasant, SC. The project includes installing a new 80 KW diesel generator, 3000 amp service, bus ducts and a switchboard with voice data raceway and panel boards. Continue Reading

Oceana Team completes RW 5R-23L

Congratulations to the Naval Air Station Oceana Team for an outstanding job! Team Oceana completed work on the 12,000 FT Runway (RW) 5R-23L on May 19th.  This airfield project included installing runway Edge lights, runway centerline lights, and two threshold light bars (30 lights per threshold).  Additionally, the airfield needed the installation of two Wave-Off/OLS… Continue Reading

National Electric Code Section 250 Training

All of Atlantic Electric’s Project Managers, Estimators, and many apprentices participated in a 10 hour National Electrical Code training course on section 250. This section covers grounding and Bonding. The course was based on Mike Holts training and was taught by Scott Harding, who is a member of code panel that oversees section 250. The… Continue Reading

Langley AFB Complete!

Langley AFB Team completes Runway (RW) 8/26 Outage in April as scheduled. The work involved installing a Displaced Threshold for RW 08, also replaced the RW 08 (Bar of 49 Lights) Threshold. The RW 08 PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator), TW Lights, RW Edge Lights, Junction Plazas, and new Duct Bank system and wiring were… Continue Reading

Training of Airfield Electricians

Atlantic Electric conducts a special training course for all of its Airfield Electricians in Virginia. The course taught by the manufacturer Amerace included detailed instructions on the installation of their  5KV FAA-L823 Super Kits. All Employees who attended received their certification and 6 veteran Atlantic employees also received “Train the Trainer” certification. Continue Reading

Work on Langley AFB

Atlantic Electric’s Langley AFB crew is completing the replacement of the RW 08 Threshold. The project includes total replacement of all RW and TW lights, new duct system with Junction Plazas, and upfit of airfield lighting vault and control system. Continue Reading

B. L. Harbert, Birmingham, AL subcontracts Atlantic Electric, LLC for Andrews, AFB Project.

March 15, 2018, marks the start of another high visibility Atlantic Electric, LLC project replacing airfield lighting at Andrews AFB which is the home base of the U.S. Presidential Fleet of aircraft.  We look forward to completing this two-year project, working with B.L. Harbert Birmingham, AL, an international company, which includes the replacement of existing… Continue Reading

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