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Davison Army Airfield Completion

The project for Davison Army Airfield at Fort Belvoir Virginia was a design-build which consisted of demolishing the existing light fixtures, signage, raceways & cabling. The runway (RW 14-32) has brand new edge lighting bases, fixtures and cabling. The team installed new threshold structures for the new in-pavement and elevated threshold lights. The team provided… Read more »

Trench Work at Donaldson Airfield

Lots of pre-planning goes into a critical runway outage. Our crews shortened Runway 05-23 at Donaldson Airfield in Greenville, SC on Saturday. A few days later, we saw-cut a portion of the concrete pavement for the arresting gear trench work to begin. Looking great guys!

Norfolk Runway 5-23

Atlantic Electric is beginning work on a new project at Norfolk International Airport. We will provide taxiway edge lighting on reconfigured Taxiway Charlie, temporary relocation of runway lights during displaced threshold work and a new MALSR 1000’ concrete bar. Work also includes miscellaneous sign upgrades including new concrete pads.

Completion of North Charleston aquatic Center

Covid-19 delayed our schedule, but we were able to cautiously move forward with the completion of the North Charleston Aquatics Center. Final testing and owner training were performed with A+ results. Atlantic Electric is proud of the work that our team installed on this project. Again, we hope the local schools and surrounding community enjoys… Read more »

Helipad Lighting Fort Belvoir

At Fort Belvoir’s Davison Army Airfield we came up with a solution that meets UFC requirements to install helipad lights at an existing concrete helipad.  We used elastomeric concrete at the light cans and FAA P-606 epoxy in the saw kerf (wire trench) to seal it.  We now move on to Phase 2 where we… Read more »

Project Awarded!

We were awarded a project on Runway 5-23 at Donaldson Airport (GYH) located in Greenville, SC; the project includes the installation of two complete BAK 12/14M Aircraft Arresting Systems. All four BAK 12/14M Absorbers will be installed in below ground cast in place concrete vaults.

Rifle Range Road Wire Pull

It takes significant planning to set up and pull large cables through manholes.  Each one of the cables in the video weighs 1.7 pounds per foot.  We are pulling several sets of these cables but the total weight of one cable pull over 770 feet is over 6,500 pounds!  Great work Rifle Range Road Team!

Langley Air Force Base

Our Langley Air Force Base team has successfully completed the ductbank, junction plazas, and mounting control equipment for the Approach Lighting System from the Threshold through Station 26.

North Charleston Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center for North Charleston District 2 is scheduled to be complete by the end of April. Atlantic Electric, LLC is almost complete with the electrical portion of the project. The crew is currently installing lighting controls and some finishing touches: equipment labeling, raceway strapping, and power verification for the mechanical equipment startups. We… Read more »